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Swear Words

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This was ten minutes, coffee, and the desire to start and end a little story with the word “fuck.” You’ve noticed that I like to swear? I used to tell other kids on the schoolyard to wash out their mouths with soap. Oh yes. I was that kid.


fuck no i didn’t
mean to do it when i put it up
i just put it up you don’t fuckin think
about shit down the line
when you paste you
just fuckin do it
don’t think anything
i don’t think anything
i’m like a fuckin samurai
just me and wheatpaste and paper
and concrete and some time and cops pressing
on the back of my mind like a fuckin pressure
wall some guys get off on that
they think it’s a fuckin
thrill to be chased and put down and
to live dangerously but i don’t think i don’t think
i don’t think about it when i’m there and when
they all started dancing and
singing and marching
in the fuckin streets i didn’t think i just
kept going pasting it on every wall and phone pole and
dodging cops and running
through trash streets and neon crosses the bass
through everything in my ears like lights on the bottom of
the ocean it’s fuckin beautiful
on dark nights when the steam rises off the ground you
can get a lot of work done
on nights like that and when
everything collapsed and all the statues got torn
down and the rioting was bad i just kept pasting
pasting pasting and then after
the colonel stepped down after the shootings
after the americans stepped in i was still pasting
and they talked about it in the newspapers they
called it art art they said it was revolutionary art




Written by wholewheatwords

February 21, 2007 at 2:01 am

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