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Round White Pink Oblong Slow Go Stop Fast

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Stopped with the pills the other day. Too many, to wake up and to sleep. Shouldn’t post this. Google scrapes it up with my name. Ruins future job opportunities. Strains parental relations.

They’re more of a mental help, it’s just as easy to pretend I’m taking them. Wake Ups and coffee allay the sluggishness I feel in the day, it’s been harder to go without. I had a coffee today. My sister pointed out to me that I never write without coffee. I brushed it off at the time, but you know what? She’s right. Here we are, writing mostly without coffee.

Saw Kieran today. He’s fine, thanks for asking. We hadn’t talked in months. Evolution was our topic, mostly. Life, both in the sense of “what lives” and “choices we make with our time.” Life, in a biological sense, has been my topic with everyone lately. I can’t get my arguments straight, can’t seem to stick my conclusions in place, so I’m going to skip them if it’s all the same to you.

City is cold again. Snot freezes to the sidewalks. I play cleanliness roulette with the subway; sometimes I win, and the windows are clear and the seats are washed and crimson. I won today. The stations are always in the same state of slight dirtiness, with a greasy texture to the gaptoothed metal slatting on the ceilings. I read. Today I read Underground, it’s about the Sarin attacks on the Tokyo Subways in the mid-1990s. Good place to read about that.

I ate at a Korean restaurant called Home of Spicy Taste. Spicy Taste lives there. Our waiter wore black harem pants. The food was a culinary assassination attempt. It tasted good for five chews, then it turned into boiling lead. The base of my tongue is still sore.

Nothing to give you today. Wish I had something.


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January 26, 2008 at 12:04 am

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