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A smarter West-leaning Eastern European postbloc might wait until the Olympics were over before turning the sky violet with katyusha salvos. In this way it could ensure that the Western viewer would observe it being destroyed by Russia and come to its aid. Perhaps it could give out video cameras to its troops and civilians and send in the results to Western television networks, in this way building ground support for its cause. The more dramatic the footage, the more likely a response would become. The audience for war will be primarily males ages 18-35. They will enthusiastically share videos featuring their favourite moments; the perfect rocket-fire demolition of a khruschyovka apartment block; that one beautiful headshot. They will camp out at arms trade shows in XXL size camouflage gear, shining eyed and waiting to touch the knuckled curves and feel the cold armor. More interesting weapons will be designed for them to watch, more elaborate and loud and colourful, presenting options for tie-ins with popular video games. A machine gun which is also a chainsaw. A flamethrower on each arm. Bombs filled with fishooks and tanks with legs of heaving meat. I see a bright future. I see a bright future.


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August 9, 2008 at 12:57 am

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