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My mother, when she was young, had a son, and
It was pouring rain..and we both found ourselves standing outside
you even cite the James Blunt tune
you even
Is it that you are you afraid that they will snub you?
and flashed a huge goofy smile
and flashed a huge goofy smile
and flashed a huge goofy smile
and flashed a huge goofy smile
Hume and Locke will make you feel better.
Trust me
My friend interrupted our brief encounter,
caught your eye and tugged
What harm is there in that?
What harm is there in that?
What harm is there in that?
What harm is there in that?

to your

to your computer to post your feelings on Craigslist
I am her daughter, and tonight, I found out about it.
the times we spent together,

the together the the times

You were ahead of me in the line
(Bloor West), approx 2:30 on Thurs, Nov 20
Maybe I’ll donate next time :-P.
Would YOU be offended?
Or is this a cruel joke?
I can’t help but smile.


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November 20, 2008 at 10:51 pm

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For a Cold November

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Brr! The stocks and leaves are falling and my family is kind of coming apart. I don’t feel much like writing right now. Instead I give you the refuge of the writer’s blocked, music posts with brief comments!

Can – Vitamin C // Ege Bamyasi

Never say a bad thing about Damo Suzuki or I will appear before you and club you with a rainbow. Listen to them drums!

The Dixie Cups – Iko Iko // Soul Jazz Presents: Saturday Night Fish Fry

Behold, the power of ashtray percussion. The song makes me happy. I want a cigarette. COINCIDENCE?

Clouds – Shallow // Tes La Rok/Clouds Split 12″

I’d never heard Joanna Newsom before when I first listened to this and I had no idea who or what was singing. Was it a creepy little boy? Was it a pitiless and cheerful elf? No, I discovered. It was not a boy. It was not an elf. Just Joanna. In my daydream music video, she is portrayed by a large animated spider and she kind of looks up at you when she says “Do you want to ride on my back? Pray that what you lack does not distract,” because she is deciding which herbs and spices would go well with your body.

Anyway I’d date her.

King Midas Sound – One Ting (Dabrye) // Cool Out EP

Okay, the vocals don’t set my soul on fire, but you have to— hey, there goes a subway made out of xylophones!

Battles – UW // EP C/B EP

It’s pixellated, see? And you’re on all of these clouds, way up high, and the sky is a really deep like, navy-black. You can see lots of stars. They twinkle pixelatedly. An iron-red meteor passes BWEEEEEEEOOOOO, then a Sputnik streaks by, BWAAAAAAAOOO, and then SHEEEOOOOW this little spaceship crashlands in the clouds. There’s a puff of cloud. A kid in pajamas gets out of the spaceship and he’s greeted by a walking green sprout thing with a mustache.

“Hello!” says the mustache sprout. “We don’t get many visitors here. What’s your name?”

“I… I don’t remember,” says the kid in pajamas.

“That’s a shame,” says the mustache sprout. “A shame. I see that your spaceship is broken. Would you care to be a good sport and play through several clever puzzles in return for the space junk required to fix it?”

“I… I guess so,” says the kid.


Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters – Double Power // Rhythm Shower

I think I associate this with water because in Zelda for the N64 the Zora level starts with the same organ fall and reverb. That’s why. Thank you for asking. You have a good day, too!

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash // Classics

When I listen to this I can kind of understand the people who thought that rave would change the world. Ignore the cheesy 909 hats and imagine yourself sharing the total darkness of an abandoned warehouse with four thousand other people, out of your mind on a drug nobody’s ever heard of, neon squirming everywhere like seafloor predators, perspiration running down the walls. I think you’d be well convinced. Am I projecting?

Jamie Woon – Wayfaring Stranger (Burial Mix) // Wayfaring Stranger 12″

Boo hoo I am a sad religious cyborg subjugating the third world in the name of the faceless corporation which took my humanity away. At least I get this wicked golden messianic dream sequence/gritty battle scene montage!

Can – Peking O // Tago Mago

If only more music was like being yelled at by Martian hillbillies. Whenever I get sad I just remember the time that Damo Suzuki put his hand on my shoulder and said “Joe, PRRRRRGABABBAGAG FFHNGNGNAAAEEEE ANG ANG ANG FRRRADDLEPADDLE PRRRRREEEOOOOPAPAPDABDABDEDADADFRRR GRNNNNN SMUUUUU WAHBABAZABBADA” and I think “you know, he had a point” and I don’t feel so bad.

Anyway I should be doing homework. You take care now.

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November 9, 2008 at 11:21 pm

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