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Now I’m on a shisha patio
a mild inebriant
gentler than beer
the goldenness in the mind
instead of the glass
the effect smaller and self-contained
not reaching too far or promising too much
I browse facebook
my friends are going pear-picking tomorrow
the promise of grainy pearflesh
pear tart, pears in brandy
pear preserves
seething the pears in honey
removing the skins with the fingernails
the promise of a pear small
curved and self-contained
hanging low in the quiet sunlight
not reaching too far into the tree
hand to basket
hand to basket
not speaking to each other
letting the day seethe through the skin of the arms
the fingernails, the face
a mild inebriant


Written by wholewheatwords

February 22, 2010 at 1:29 am

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Trees and Lakes and Much Like That

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Here I am, absorbing the waves and the radiation.

First post. Observe: Some free verse.


If It happens
And I am smoking shadows
And hot gristle
And my eyes are crushed
Like wet eggs
By pressure waves
Larger than the mountains
That shadowed our divorce
And my lips and throat are destroyed
By my rapidly accelerating teeth,
I want to know where you will be.

I don’t care where I am
Anywhere will have to do
(Though truth be told
I’ve made a promise
To myself that I would,
If possible,
Avoid Red Lobster)
But you,
I am interested in.

I cannot picture you
In the War Room
Holding the hands
Of a dentured former family-man,
A bottle of champagne between you,
I suppose it is possible.
I hope not.

Please choose a field.
It is important to me
That you choose a field.
I will make the best of
As long as you can see grass
And butterflies
And hear birdsong
Or grasshoppers.

Written by wholewheatwords

July 29, 2006 at 10:42 pm

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